YouPorn 2018 Year in Retrospect

Welcome to YouPorn’s first-ever Year in Retrospect! A look at what happened in 2018 on your favorite porn site. Let’s start with some high-level figures. Over the course of 2018, YouPorn received over 4 billion visits to the site, during which users viewed over 14 billion videos and performed over 1 billion searches. Visits to YouPorn tended to last just under 9 minutes, with the average session lasting 8 minutes and 42 seconds.

Let’s continue with a look at what users were searching for the most when visiting YouPorn in 2018. ‘Lesbian’ tops the chart this year, followed by ‘Massage’ in second place. Searches like ‘Francaise,’ ‘French’ and ‘German’ also rank among our top-searched terms on the site as these are the ethnicities of some of the countries we get the most traffic from.

While the bulk of our traffic comes from the US, we also get a lot of visits from Central European countries like Germany which ranked in at second place for highest traffic to YouPorn, as well as France in fourth and Italy in fifth.

Because we use Google Analytics to compile and present our anonymized user data, we are limited to only being able to show gender binarist type data, which identifies users as either male or female only. As such, 29% of YouPorn’s data comes from female viewers, with the remaining 71% of traffic coming from male users.

We also took a look at YouPorn’s gender breakdown by country. Beginning with the most popular in terms of highest proportions of female viewership is Austria with an impressive 37%. Brazil and France tie in second with 35%, a notable chunk ahead of the United States with just 22% of visits coming from women.

Let’s continue with search trends by gender. While women search for ‘lesbian’ porn the most by far, it’s no wonder that ‘Francaise’ is the third most searched term by females given the higher than average proportion of female viewers in France.

On the other hand, men seemed to be searching for content featuring more experienced performers, with ‘MILF’ and ‘Step Mom’ topping the charts here in first and second place, followed by ‘Mature’ in 8th.

Let’s continue with a look at YouPorn traffic breakdown by age. From youngest to oldest, visits from the ’18-24′ age demographic accounted for 23% of YouPorn traffic in 2018. The Millennials, or those belonging to the ’25-34′ age group, took the lion’s share of traffic by age group this year at 34%! Those in the ’35-44′ age demographic accounted for 18% of site traffic in 2018, while visits from the ’45-54′ age group came in at 12% of overall site traffic. Visitors in the ’55-64′ age range came in second for smallest traffic share with 8%, while last and also least we have our most senior site visitors in the ’65+’ age group accounting for just 5% of all YouPorn traffic.


YouPorn users predominately watched porn from their mobile devices in 2018, which accounted for 60% of overall traffic by device. Desktop traffic is still holding on to a considerable amount of overall traffic at 28%, followed by tablets as the least used device, making up 11% of traffic.


In addition, we took a closer look at the Country of Bulgaria’s YouPorn activity in 2018. Discovering that Bulgaria visited YouPorn 10 Million times in 2018! Bulgaria’s top three viewed categories in 2018 were ‘Anal’, ‘MILF’, and ‘Amateur’. The top searched term in Bulgaria was not surprisingly ‘Bulgarian’, which was then followed by ‘MILF’ and ‘Anal’. Women made up for 31% of YouPorn traffic from Bulgaria in 2018, and men made up for the remaining 69%. Next, we took a look at Bulgaria on YouPorn by age demographic, where we discovered the 18-24 age demographic’s top viewed category was ‘Amateur’ and every other age demographic’s top viewed category was ‘Anal’. Something all age demographics could agree on was the top search term, which was, of course, ‘Bulgarian’.

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