Government Shutdown on YouPorn

It is the 27th day of the US government shutdown, and we have taken a look at how it has affected YouPorn traffic so far.

Overall, American traffic to YouPorn has increased by 6% since the shutdown, whereas Maryland traffic has increased by 9% and Virginia traffic has increased by 11%. The biggest spike in traffic comes from DC, where we are seeing an impressive 16% increase in traffic to YouPorn.

If you are interested in more data from YouPorn, check out our Year In Retrospect post here.

Details on our data:
The average was taken from Monday to Friday, because many government workers would already have the weekend off and therefore, less likely to show time-of-day changes. The pre-shutdown average was taken from the weeks of December 3rd – 7th and 10th – 14th so that holiday traffic would not affect the results.

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