Couples Sex Quiz- The results are in!

After a few months of users taking the Couples Sex Quiz, we took a look into the data for the most common and uncommon answers, and more!

For those that are not already familiar with the Couples Sex Quiz, this is how it works. Partners answer a wide variety of questions under the four categories below with three options for responses,  ‘No’, ‘If (partners name) is down‘ and Yes!‘.  Each person submits their answer’s independently from the other, then the application matches their mutual ‘yes’ responses and excludes all of the answers that both parties did not match interest on.

1) Let’s Discuss; which includes questions about trying new positions, role play and incorporating music and photography into the bedroom.

2) Let’s Perform; which includes questions on introducing different kinds of sex toys and accessories.

3) Let’s Discover; which includes questions on trying different environments and including others in sex.

4) Let’s Learn; which includes questions on exploring different kinds of sex and play.

All of these matching interests are then available to be saved by the couples, along with relevant articles from various sex specialists on our World Blog and Sexual Wellness Center so that they can learn more about their mutual curiosities together, and of course, Video playlists from YouPorn are included!

So far, 16k couples (for 32,146 users) and 12,236 single users have taken the quiz! here we take a look at the quiz results. Beginning with the ‘Yes’ responses by age,  which showcases which age demographic most often said yes to wanting to try something new under the categories.

It turns out that the ’60+’ age demographic are the most adventurous of the group and responded yes the most frequently, with 43.64% of their answers to our quiz questions getting a positive answer from this group. Comparatively, the ’25-40′ age demographic, only answered “yes” to 36.28% of the questions. Next up, we looked at ‘Yes’ responses by gender.

Males answered yes a little more frequently at 42.5% compared to women with only 39.6% of answers in the affirmative. Then we took a glimpse at what both partners most often said ‘yes’ to wanting to explore together. 

‘Wake-up Sex’ made it into the top five for ‘Female/Female’ couples, ‘Male/Male’ couples, and ‘Female/Male’ couples.

‘Cuckolding’ made it into the top five ‘no’s’ for couples across the board. ‘Female/Female’, ‘Male/Female’, and ‘Male/Male’ all agreed this wasn’t of interest for them.

No one was excited by the prospect of sensory deprivation, with ‘wearing earplugs’ landing on the top five ‘no’ list for all types of couples.

Leave your questions about the results in the comments section below!

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